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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ballet I, Sept 12

Part of my impetus for beginning a dance blog is my decision to start taking classes on a regular basis again. I have not done so for about two and a half years. I’ve found that I need to take class at least twice a week in order to stick with it. Once a week attendance isn’t enough to establish a habit. Luckily, I live right down the street from Contemporary Dance Theater and their fall classes began yesterday.

I showed up for Ballet I at 6:15, expecting a beginner-level class. Although out of practice, I believe Ballet I will still be below my skill level. However, a beginner class is a good chance to concentrate on basics like turnout, balance, and alignment without being distracted by fast footwork or difficult movements.

What I got was no class. After ten minutes, the teacher still had not arrived and I was told that the class was cancelled for the evening. I was invited to join the modern class, but, after reading Margot Fonteyn’s biography for the 40-minute bus ride home, I was only in the mood for ballet. My class fee was refunded. I took the opportunity to offer to teach the class myself if there were future problems with the teacher. Who knows, I may find myself a third job.

I will try to establish the attendance habit again tonight, with Hip Hop III. I’m a new hip hop dancer, so a level III class is sure to be a comedy of errors.


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