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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hip Hop, Oct 6: 45 minutes of flailing

This is how hip hop class goes:

First 5 minutes: Stretch

Next 20 minutes: Learn routine

Next 10 minutes: Practice routine and finally, really learn the steps.

Next 5 minutes: Realize that, although I have the movement blocks down, my “attitude” is seriously lacking. I look like a giant dork. Make an effort to watch the teacher and pick up the nuances of head and arm positioning that make him look like a Backstreet Boy. Get so caught up in watching that I forget the routine.

Last 5 minutes: Accept that I am just going to look dumb and concentrate on relearning the steps.

The class is a good workout, but I wonder if I’ll ever get “good” at hip hop. If we did the same routine for more than one class, would I eventually perform something that looked less like flailing and more like dancing? I’ll keep going to class, but I still feel like a dorkwad.


Blogger kitschywoman said...

Where are you taking Hip Hop? I've been trying to find a class in Cincy, but I haven't been having much luck. :(

11:46 AM  
Blogger wen said...

Too funny. I teach ballroom dance and while I can compete in that, I, too, suffer from Hip Hop Dorkiness. There's a HH class before the class I teach and my students always look at them like it's some kind of alien mating ritual. And then if they are late leaving, they ask us "what are you doing?" LOL.

That said, it will get easier. Concentrate on getting one thing at a time, e.g. feet and then musicality, and then attitude. :)

1:58 PM  

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