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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hip Hop, Oct 6: 45 minutes of flailing

This is how hip hop class goes:

First 5 minutes: Stretch

Next 20 minutes: Learn routine

Next 10 minutes: Practice routine and finally, really learn the steps.

Next 5 minutes: Realize that, although I have the movement blocks down, my “attitude” is seriously lacking. I look like a giant dork. Make an effort to watch the teacher and pick up the nuances of head and arm positioning that make him look like a Backstreet Boy. Get so caught up in watching that I forget the routine.

Last 5 minutes: Accept that I am just going to look dumb and concentrate on relearning the steps.

The class is a good workout, but I wonder if I’ll ever get “good” at hip hop. If we did the same routine for more than one class, would I eventually perform something that looked less like flailing and more like dancing? I’ll keep going to class, but I still feel like a dorkwad.